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Bountiful Executive Office Share

Actual Offices

Economy:  Lower Level:  (no windows, but nice molding and paint and carpet).


$200--10x12:  first office at bottom of stairs on left AND second office on right at bottom of stairs).  [2 offices]

$250--10x16:  offices F (bottom of stairs on the right)

$300--20x10: (bottom level, 2 furthest offices on the left). 

$350--20x10: first office on left after corner. has an attached large storage closet.

$25--storage closet (3 total--first come first serve basis). 

Deluxe:  Upper Level: (great views and lots of windows and/or skylights).

$550--Office E (14x16): great views of East mountains.

$600--Office C (10x20): great views of the East mountains.

$650--Office B (approximately 350 sq.ft): great views to the West.  

$350--Office D:  10x17--nice upper office, but no windows. 

Other Info:

--Conference room is on the upper level, and available on a first come, first serve basis, but can be scheduled in advance.

--Restroom on upper level.

--Two restrooms on lower level, along with break room. 

--WiFi throughout building.

--High Speed Internet available for only $30/month.

--Phone answering service FREE!  Our receptionist will answer the phone any way you would like.  You just need to purchase the phone line (it would be through our VOIP service called NEXTIVA, and they charge us $30/month per line so you would pay us reimbursement for this expense) and the phone hardware ($80).  We normally charge $100/month for this phone answering service.